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Detail 9 Hard to Reach Places on Your Car with One Product

Detail 9 Hard to Reach Places on Your Car with One Product

Oct 28th 2019

Ever wonder how professional auto detailers get that streak-free shine? No matter how meticulously you clean your car, without a proper finish, there’s still going to be something missing. Perhaps a few spots show up as it dries, and several places look unclean or dull.

Our Ultra Shine Detail Spray is an auto detailing product used by professionals and car enthusiasts who are serious about getting that polished look. Made from raw materials specially engineered to brighten surfaces without damaging, it’s the best way to give a clean car a perfect finish. ShowCar Ultra Shine Detail Spray takes care of these 9 hard-to-reach auto detailing spots:

  1. Dash. Detail Spray livens and brightens your car’s dash, polishing and shining each surface.
  2. Molding. Get a glossy finish, while preserving your original finish and adding a protective barrier until the next wash.
  3. Door jambs. Spray the door jambs for that extra level of care.
  4. Vents. Instead of spending valuable time and intricate tools trying to access the crevices between each vent, apply a coat of Detail Spray to get in the tiny slots.
  5. Tires. Get a deeper black, with no real need to follow up with a microfiber towel.
  6. Wheel wells. Restore that uniform look to wheel well plastic.
  7. Black trim. Restore color and get rid of that faded, hazy, dirty appearance that stays on, even after a solid wash.
  8. Chrome. This multi-purpose product sprays on uniformly for a streak free, like new appearance.
  9. Black trim around the trunk. Get added shine, without worrying about overspray getting on your car’s paint.

Whether you’re in the auto detailing industry or just passionate about your car looking great, it’s important to be in the know about the best products on the market. Check out the latest in auto detailing products.

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