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Polishes, Glazes, Wax & Sealants

  • Best Auto Polish and Wax: Get The Best Deals On Top-Quality Products

    Showcar Products INC provides the best auto polish and wax available in the market. We have a wide range of waxes and polishes to choose from. Our products provide a long-lasting, mirror-like sheen and act as a protective barrier against the weather. We also offer the best auto polish sealants to give long-term protection for your car. It's simple to use, dries to a haze, and buffs to a high gloss. We only sell the best auto glaze, waxes, polishes, and sealants on the market. Get yours now!

  • 3M 05990 Hand Glaze

    3M 05990 Hand Glaze 32oz

    3M Hand Glaze 05990 Applications: Recommended for use by hand to increase surface glass and to clean up splatter or residue after machine polishing all types of refinish or factory-applied automotive paints. To minimize the possibility of staining, do...

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  • Black Heavy Cut Rouge Brown Heavy-Medium Cut Rouge

    AES Rouge Polish

    We currently do not carry AES Brown and Red Rouge. If you would like to order some, please call us and we will put it on our next order from AES. Black: For buffing aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, pewter, steel and stainless steel. Compound:...

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  • Collinite 325

    Collinite 325 All In One

    Collinite No. 325 All In One All in one cleaner-polish-protectant renews neglected paint and provides high gloss shine while protecting against future weathering. Micro abrasives gently restore clarity by removing brake dust, light water spots, minor...

    MSRP: $24.95
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  • Collinite Fleetwax Paste no.885

    Collinite Fleetwax Paste 885

    Collinite No. 885 Heavy Duty Paste Fleetwax For the detailer in search of less frequent wax applications, the No. 885 provides the ultimate in Collinite staying power. Provides a shine that’s unmistakably carnauba with durability that rivals even...

    MSRP: $25.99
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  • Collinite Insulator Wax no.845

    Collinite Insulator Wax 845

    Collinite No. 845 Insulator Wax A more user-friendly version of the No. 476s paste, No. 845 stands as Collinite’s most legendary product to date. Famous for its versatility, durability and DIY ease of use, “IW” is ideal for both small...

    MSRP: $21.95
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  • Collinite Liquid Fleetwax 870

    Collinite Liquid Fleetwax 870

    Collinite No. 870 Fiberglass Boat Fleetwax Cleaner-Wax Collinite Liquid Fleetwax #870 - 16oz Returns original color and luster to oxidized, soiled, and stained fiberglass surfaces. Saves both time and money by combining restorative and protective...

    MSRP: $24.95
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  • Collinite Metal Wax no.850

    Collinite Metal Wax 850

    Collinite No. 850 Metal Wax   Restores. Shines. Protects Easy to use polish restores, shines and protects in one single operation. Removes mild rust, salt, deposits and heavy accumulations of film brought on by time and weathering. Leaves behind...

    MSRP: $16.95
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