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  • Dakota Non Smoke

    Dakota Non Smoke 12oz

    ELIMINATES TOBACCO SMOKE ODOR This unique odor eliminator changes the molecular structure of offensive odors and neutralizes them. The special formula seeks out tobacco smoke odors and other malodors and destroys them. The fragrance will fade in a few...

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  • Dakota Odor Bomb

    Dakota Odor Bombs

    Dakota Odor Bombs eliminates odors in your vehicle, RV, or boat Dakota Odor Bomb eliminates all types of malodor. Effectively eliminates odors caused from urine, feces, decay, rancidity, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking and mildew. Each Odor Bomb can treat...

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  • Dakota Odor Fog

    Dakota Odor Fog 15oz

    Odor Fog is designed to be used anywhere odors are a problem. The special formula seeks out and destorys odors on contact. The product is especially well suited for freshening car interiors, hotel rooms, offices and homes.  The fine mist gets into...

    Out of stock
  • Super Scent Pads | Shinerz ShowCar

    Dakota Super Scent Pads

    Dakota Super Scent Pads SUPER SCENT PADS... quite possibly the longest lasting, most powerful air freshener available. Made with pure fragrant oils. Each pad will provide about 30 days of delightful fragrance. Individually wrapped. Outstanding...

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  • Dakota Ventsations Mini Clips

    Dakota Ventsations Mini Clips

    These air freshener vent clips only require heat or airflow to activate. The clips are small but powerful, Ventsations® are ideal for car vents or place out of sight such as under the seat. Ventsations® are made with pure essential oils, the...

    $1.99 - $2.19
    Out of stock
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