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  • Show Room Shine | Shinerz ShowCar

    Show Car Show Room Shine

    Show Room Shine Show Room Shine is a simple, easy-to-use spray detailer used to quickly add gloss and enhance beauty to a pre-cleaned finish. Show Room Shine removes and prevents dust, fingerprints, smudges, and more to extend the life of your wash...

    $13.49 - $569.99
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  • Show Car Power Brite

    Show Car Power Brite

    Power Brite is a high-gloss cutting compound used for brightening colors, and removing oxidation and up to 1200 grit wet sand scratches. Leaves behind a brilliant shine. Outstanding for use on metallic and dark-colored paints. Recommended to remove wet...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Show Car Renewit

    Show Car Renewit

    RENEWIT is a thick, semi-flowing polish that cleans, polishes, and brightens. When applied properly, it will not smear, mar, or swirl.  Outstanding for black, red, metallic, and dark colors. Cleans and smooths out the surface. Removes light to...

    $19.25 - $52.49
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  • ShowCar Speedy Wax

    ShowCar Speedy Wax

    Speedy Wax 31 is a free-flowing liquid that spreads easily with no hard rubbing. Leaves no powder residue. Unlike most other waxes, Speedy Wax actually performs better when applied in direct sunlight! Excellent for autos, boats, airplanes and...

    $19.25 - $52.49
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  • Show Car Triple Play

    Show Car Triple Play

    Triple Play is a state-of-the-art product that combines the power of a cutting polish, the great shine of a glaze, and the protection of a fine wax all while removing swirl marks and light scratches! Formulated for quick buffing and final finishing...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Wizards Shine Master Polish

    Wizards Shine Master Polish

    WIZARDS® SHINE MASTER™ is a simple to use cleaner, polish and breathable sealant that assures users of a show-quality gloss and long term durability. Developed to remove swirl marks, fine line scratches and light oxidation. For use by hand or...

    $17.75 - $109.99
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  •  Show Car Cherry Wet Wax

    Show Car Cherry Wet Wax

    Cherry Wet Wax was specially formulated for use in detail shops. Apply this easy-on, easy-off wax as a final step for durable paint protection with a high shine and enhanced gloss! Can be used by hand, orbital buffer, or dual action polisher...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Finish Protectant | Shinerz ShowCar

    Reli S.R.S. SiO2 Finish Protectant

    Reli S.R.S. SiO2 Finish Protectant SEALS. REVIVES. SHINES. Reli S.R.S. is an easy-to-use, SiO2-based spray protectant that quickly adds gloss and hydrophobic properties to your vehicle. S.R.S. is the top choice of many detailers for a final spray...

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  • Wizards Mist-N-Shine

    Wizards Mist-N-Shine

    Wizards Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer DESCRIPTION: WIZARDS MIST-N-SHINE is a unique professional detailer that is quick and easy to use. Mist-N-Shine cleans the surface, leaving behind a slippery, high gloss finish with depth. This product is...

    $15.25 - $57.25
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  • Wizards Mystic Cut Compound

    Wizards Mystic Cut Compound

    Cuts-Polishes-Finishes All Paint Correction Scratch & Swirl Remover Exclusive Nano Abrasives Dual Action/ Orbital Rotary & Hand Application   WIZARDS® MYSTIC CUT™ is an aggressive cutting compound formulated with...

    $16.99 - $168.25
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