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Soaps & Shampoos

  • Show Car Product's All Purpose Shampoo

    Show Car All Purpose Shampoo

    All Purpose Shampoo is an excellent all around biodegradable soap with a bubble gum fragrance. It can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, anything from a dish washing liquid to a car wash or carpet shampoo. Also available in Gallon, 5 gallon...

    $6.25 - $49.95
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  • Show Car Product's Dry Foam

    Show Car Dry Foam

    DRY FOAM is a high foaming cleaner that provides less wetting of fabric for faster drying.  Effectively removes tough stains by just spraying the foam of this state-of-the-art product.  It contains special optical brighteners to restore faded...

    $9.75 - $880.00
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  • Show Car Product's Grape Wash and Wax

    Show Car Grape Wash & Wax

    Grape WASH-N-WAX is a high sudsing, pH balanced, super concentrated car wash soap.  It has excellent foaming action that clings to the surface then rinses away with ease.  ShowCar special sheening agent prevents any streaking or water spots...

    $7.58 - $560.00
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  • Show Car Product's Lift Out

    Show Car Lift Out Extractor Fluid

    LIFT-OUT is a powerful combination of active cleaners and release agents.  It is formulated to break down dirt and oils in carpet, upholstery and fabric.  This is a non-caustic formula designed for extractor machines at dilutions of up to 50:1...

    $8.25 - $650.00
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  • Show Car Product's Pink Car Shampoo

    Show Car Pink Car Shampoo

    This premium car wash combines dense foam with powerful cleaning agents to produce a squeaky clean finish with total rinse ability.  It will not harm any previously applied wax or sealant. Available in  Quart, One, Five, Thirty and Fifty Five...

    $6.45 - $350.00
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  • Show Car Wash-N-Wax

    Show Car Wash-N-Wax

    ShowCar Wash-N-Wax is a super thick, high sudsing concentrate formulated to remove the toughest dirt and grime from a vehicle.   Cleans automobile like a shampoo and protects like a wax.  It leaves an incredible shine and beads water for weeks...

    $7.58 - $495.00
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  • Wizards Bike Wash for Motorcylces

    Wizards Bike Wash for Motorcycles

     VOC compliant. BIKE WASH contains no caustic soda, acids or bleach  Safe for paint, chrome and plastics.   Easy rinse formula, no spotting  Foams away grime, oil, grease, and brake dust Strong enough to degrease engines...

    $9.21 - $35.16
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