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Do You Want Your Tires to Impress?

Do You Want Your Tires to Impress?

Sep 23rd 2020

Do You Want Your Tires to Impress?

You’ve washed your car thoroughly, cleaned the wheels and buffed the glass inside and out, but it still doesn’t look show quality. If you’re wondering what’s letting it down, the answer is the tires. Over time tires develop a dull appearance; when everything else is gleaming, dull tires spoil the showroom look you’ve worked so hard on. So what do you do? Invest in a quality tire dressing product.

Rubber Ages

In sunlight and heat rubber dries out and cracks. To counteract this, tire manufacturers put a complex blend of additives into the compound. These additives slow the aging but can’t stop it.

Aging and aging prevention create two problems. First, old tires are potentially dangerous. That’s why tires carry a manufacturing date code. (The last four digits in the DOT number on the sidewall show the week and year of manufacture.) It’s hard to say how long tires will last because that depends on whether they’ve seen high temperatures and/or lots of sunlight, both of which shorten their life.

The second problem is less serious, but annoying for anyone who cares about the appearance of their ride. Older tires just look, well, old. New tire shine is a beautiful thing, but the black rubber soon fades to gray, and brake dust can add an unsightly film. Plus, those additives in the rubber compound work their way out, creating a brown bloom on the sidewalls.

So now you know why your tires don’t look as good as they once did, let’s address bringing that tire shine back.

Cleaning and Dressing

What your tires need is a top-quality tire dressing. This is a treatment that restores the jet-black appearance and leaves tires looking matte or glossy as you choose. However, it’s essential to use the best dressing product you find. Inferior tire dressings can “fling” product onto the bodywork and they don’t last, so you’ll be doing the job again in just a few weeks.

Begin by cleaning the sidewalls thoroughly. Soapy water and a brush will usually do the job, but if your tires need a deeper cleaning, look for a good rubber cleaner. Dry the tires off thoroughly remembering to get in against the wheel rim so you don’t get any drips down the sidewall.

Now it’s time for the tire dressing. For a high-gloss appearance, Ultra Blue tire dressing from Show Car is a good choice. It’s a silicone-based tire dressing that leaves a lasting shine. Dressing can be sprayed on as a mist (wipe any excess off the wheels), painted or applied with a tire dressing applicator. As it dries quickly you can get in that car and drive almost the moment you’re done!

Adding the Finishing Touch

Tires are often overlooked when detailing a car, and that’s a mistake because dull or brownish rubber really spoils the finished appearance. To create a show car look that really “pops,” use a quality tire dressing product to make the rubber look like new.

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