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​How to Detail your Car Interior like a Pro

​How to Detail your Car Interior like a Pro

Nov 4th 2019

Anyone can clean and vacuum out a car. But the true talent is in the detailing. Get an even deeper clean with a few simple tricks – using many tools you have lying around your home. Check out these detailing secrets to make your car’s interior look like it’s been professionally cleaned.

Vents. Use a makeup brush or artist’s paintbrush to clean air vents. Hold up a vacuum to catch airborne dust and keep it from resettling. Work with gravity, moving from top to bottom. Follow up by treating with Ultra Shine Detail Spray.

Cup holders. Lay a microfiber cloth sprayed with all-purpose cleaner on top of your car’s cup holder. Place a cup on top and twist the towel into the cup holder. Finish by hitting any caked up grime with a chopstick and cotton swab or Q-tips.

Stains. Ditch the cleaner you use on your home’s carpets. When you’re treating upholstery stains in your car, you need a cleaner with minimal wetting. Get rid of carpet floor and old seat stains with ShowCar Foamy Upholstery Cleaner.

Cracks and crevices. Hit the power window controls, gear shift, coin trays, and any other hard to reach crevice with a top quality all purpose cleaner and a toothbrush. Next, use toy store slime to lift any remaining crumbs and debris. And for any areas where grime still remains, treat with a blow gun.

Trim, plastic, vinyl. Spray all-purpose cleaner onto a microfiber towel and scrub away. Treat scuff marks on kick panels with all-purpose cleaner and a Magic Eraser. Follow up with Ultra Shine Detail Spray for a finished look and restored color.

Leather. Treat leather seats, armrests, and the steering wheel with interior cleaner and a soft bristle brush. Brush softly in a circular motion. Be sure to wipe away dirty foam immediately with a microfiber cloth.

Headliner. Spray cleaner onto a brush or microfiber cloth and carefully dab any dirt off the headliner. The trick is to avoid saturating or over-rubbing the headliner, to prevent the glue from dissolving and the headliner from sagging.

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