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Make Dull Auto Paint Shine

Make Dull Auto Paint Shine

Feb 4th 2020

Have you seen newer model cars with paint that appears faded, washed-out or even chalky in places? Few things make a vehicle look older than its years like dull, lifeless paint. It’s not uncommon and it takes more than just a wash and a wax to restore faded paint. This is where polishes, glazes, wax and sealant come to the rescue. This post discusses causes of dull paint and what it takes to make it shine again.

What Makes Paint Lose Luster?

Oxidation, scratches and other blemishes, hopefully isolated to the clear coat layer of the car’s paint job, make it dull! Oxidation happens even to the best auto paints exposed to the elements for long periods. Paint oxidation is often caused by the following:

  • Constant exposure to direct sunlight can wear on your car’s paint finish. A combination of heat build-up and exposure to damaging UV rays can cause your average finish to fade away.
  • Using soaps and cleaners not meant for use on automotive paint can also spell an early demise for your paint. Dishwashing soap and other household cleaners tend to be too abrasive for safe use on automotive paint.
  • Using automatic car wash facilities too often, especially those that use harsh brushes can also cause your paint to lose its luster.
  • Failure to safeguard your paint with paint protection products can also lead to eventual paint fade.

Without the right level of care and protection, the chemicals that make up your car’s paint will slowly deteriorate, creating a dull sheen that eventually turns into a chalky build-up over time. Your car’s paint will look a bit duller than usual at the start, but the effects will eventually become more noticeable over time.

How to Bring Back the Shine

A professional detail shop can help bring your paint’s shine back to life, but many shops charge big bucks for the privilege. Fortunately, you can revitalize your car’s paint with a little work and an effective polishing compound like Show Car Power Bright, a high-gloss polish and color brightener that knocks out oxidation and light scratches while leaving behind a vibrant shine.

After thoroughly washing and drying your vehicle, apply Power Bright according to the directions listed on the product. Using a dual-action buffer usually offers the best results, but you’ll also have to be careful to avoid accidental paint damage. After you’re done using the polishing compound to bring the paint back to a shine, use a paint sealant to lock in the shine and create a protective barrier against contaminants.

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