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  • Show Room Shine | Shinerz ShowCar

    Show Car Show Room Shine

    Show Room Shine Show Room Shine is a simple, easy-to-use spray detailer used to quickly add gloss and enhance beauty to a pre-cleaned finish. Show Room Shine removes and prevents dust, fingerprints, smudges, and more to extend the life of your wash...

    $15.49 - $569.99
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  • ShowCar Speedy Wax

    ShowCar Speedy Wax

    Speedy Wax 31 is a free-flowing liquid that spreads easily with no hard rubbing. Leaves no powder residue. Unlike most other waxes, Speedy Wax actually performs better when applied in direct sunlight! Excellent for autos, boats, airplanes and...

    $20.99 - $52.49
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  • Show Car Brite Gold

    Show Car Brite Gold

    Brite Gold is a 21st century wax that cleans, polishes, and protects in one step! Gently removes fine scratches, buffer marks, and light oxidation. Contains natural oils that restore gloss and enhance depth. Provides a long-lasting, mirror-like gloss...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Show Car Sealer Wax

    Show Car Sealer Wax

    Show Car Sealer Wax Highly concentrated (400:1) spray wax is formulated for automatic dilution/proportional systems.  SEALER WAX dilutes easily in all metered applications.  Thin formula will not clog tips, valves or nozzles.  SEALER...

    $36.75 - $156.99
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  •  Show Car Cherry Wet Wax

    Show Car Cherry Wet Wax

    Cherry Wet Wax was specially formulated for use in detail shops. Apply this easy-on, easy-off wax as a final step for durable paint protection with a high shine and enhanced gloss! Can be used by hand, orbital buffer, or dual action polisher...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Show Car Nana Wax

    Show Car Nana Wax

    Nana Wax is a pre-softened paste wax for a final finish on all painted surfaces. Contains a rich, creamy blend of carnauba and other fine imported waxes, coupled with durable polymers. Leaves behind a deep, lustrous finish. Nana Wax has a banana smell...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Show Car Carnauba Creme

    Show Car Carnauba Creme

    Carnauba Creme cleans, polishes, and waxes in one easy step. Gives a lasting high-gloss finish on all types of paint. Contains the same rich waxes found in hard-to-work paste waxes, but processed differently to create a creamy texture rather than a hard...

    $24.25 - $66.49
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  • Wizards Mystic Nano Wax 8oz

    Wizards Mystic Nano Wax

    Exclusive formula incorporates synthetic Nano Wax polymers. Extreme gloss, slickness and protection benefits. Safe results on ALL paint/clear types, new or aged. Use as a stand alone wax, show glaze, or finishing/waxing step. Micro Polishes on soft...

    $14.75 - $45.75
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